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"As God breathed life into Adam through his nostrils, you may do the same for yourself. When you are ready for the inspiration of your mind, body and spirit read this book and follow the path it will teach you to navigate." - Bernie Siegel, MD, author 36

An Extraordinary Breath is when our intention and our breath are one. With your very first Extraordinary Breath you can intentionally influence the biological and chemical changes in your body and brain, and bring instant relief from stress, anxiety, depression and low oxygen intake This popular eBook has helped thousands worldwide to restore body, mind and spirit to supreme good health. We invite you to take an Extraordinary Breath, and begin creating positive changes in your life now! Creating a better world starts with ourselves, so begin your positive change now, with your Extraordinary Breath. Excerpt from Extraordinary Breath: LIMITLESS POTENTIAL: "Born out of our desire to ease the suffering we see all around us, Cheryl Lynne and I developed a system of transformative methods and techniques that we named the Extraordinary Breath, which is designed to deliver instant relief from the distressing, debilitating symptoms of our fast-paced, disconnected world. From our years of research, and the results of our work with our own students and clients, we are pleased to offer these practices as a method to transform yourself and the world around you. We believe the Extraordinary Breath is the best, easiest and fastest stress management and self - improvement system available today." About the authors: Donald and Cheryl Lynne Rubbo are internationally recognized artists, healers, authors, teachers and visionaries, and legends in the American martial and internal arts world. They travel the globe teaching the Rubbo Energy System of Transformation, based on the profound, transformative methods and techniques they’ve learned during their over forty years of immersion in ancient Asian and Western mystical spiritual practices and incorporated into their alchemist’s bags. They are the founders of Paul D. Pickens II Research Foundation, a 501 (C.) (3) nonprofit global health education organization. Pioneers in the Wellness and Personal Development fields, the Rubbos developed the first Qigong program in an American hospital in 1997, which ran for thirteen years, and in 2011 they launched ‘The World Takes a Breath Day’. Their best-selling eBooks include Primordial Qigong, a comprehensive primer on the form purportedly developed by Chang San Feng as the precursor to Tai Chi Ch’uan, and The Art and Mastery of Bio Energetic Healing - Rubbo Energy System of Transformation. https://www.facebook.com/DonaldRubbo

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